Sarah Kate Silverman is an American stand-up comedian, producer and writer, whose comedies mostly addresses controversial issues like religion, racism and sexism in an ironic way. Silverman had a breakout 2005 comedy movie, Jesus is Magic, which went through many critics. It was based on her one-woman show which had the same name. The film ,however, received positive ratings earning approximately $1.3 million at the box office.

Sarah Silverman had it rough this Christmas from the outraged Christian society following her last Friday post. The 45-year-old had posted this on twitter 'MERRY CHRISTMAS!' Jesus was gender fluid! A large number of Silverman’s followers on twitter quickly responded expressing their disapproval over the thought. In response to them, Silverman tweeted a screenshot which included a note that she had typed on her iPhone. The message was clear that she had stood on what she had said. The note said ��I prefer not to respond to nonsense but here (re Jesus being gender fluid, which I still love.’ It also said that she had been in whales with her family and was sitting in a car when she realised that she had not sent out a Christmas note. The Jewish comedian had actually caused a stir on social media. She, however, seemed not bothered in anyway by the internet drama, which had kept most comedians off the social media before. The star went on to say that she was always interested in defending her jokes. The celebrity had been celebrating Christmas with her boyfriend Michael Sheen.

The Screen Actors Guild award nominee had once vowed to never marry until the same-sex marriage had been legalized everywhere. Her television show in comedy central, The Sarah Silverman Program, from 2007 to 2010 had even included actors playing gay characters. This led to her being nominated for the media awards nomination from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, GLAAD.

The comedian had previously confessed on regretting to have once worn the most racist blackface. Her confession had just come in a few days after Nicki Minaj and Kanye West's blackface Halloween costume brought controversy. Silverman had previously also been open about her tough battle with clinical depression, which had gone to the extent of addicting him to Xanax at some point in her life.

Silverman had stolen the show back in August during the Hollywood Foreign Press Banquet. The whole world showed interest for the first time to this annual event all due to Sarah Silverman’s boobs.

Celebrity and nude photo scandals seem to go hand in hand, and Silverman isn’t left out either. The comedian became the latest high-profile celebrity to fall victim of leaked nude photos. The comedian’s private photographs were posted on numerous gossip blogs this Wednesday.

The five nude photos, probably from her mobile phone had allegedly been taken by her with her phone when she visited the 'Louvre Museum' in Paris this month. This is because the nude photos are related to Ingres’s nude art 'Grand Odalisque’, Gregor Erhart’s nude 'Sainte Marie-Madeleine’, a picture of a Convalescing Spinee and a nude Egyptian porcelain doll. Sarah has been known for her secret passion for fine art and nude photography.